Tour De Plants: Sunroom Edition

“That’s a big plant, Mama!” I got a new plant yesterday, a split-leaf-philodendron (pictured in the forefront above). I wonder what my 2.5 year old son thinks as I stick yet another huge plant in my cart because: $15 at IKEA, giant lush leaves, dead of winter. My husband knows that if I say I’m going to IKEA, he can expect a new plant friend or two in the house, no question. How do you pass up the plant section there!? You don’t.

Anyway, I have always wanted a split leaf philodendron like this but could never find one. They are so interesting and tropical. I wanted to take a pretty picture of it and it turned into a full on sunroom photoshoot! What better do to with a bunch of photos of plants than a gallery post as a tour around my favorite room in the house. This room is honestly one of a few reasons we bought this house. It’s an addition on a previous owner put on the back of our ranch home, lined with windows, I couldn’t ask for more. Without further ado, Tour De Plants: Sunroom Edition!

We have a shelf with lots of crystals and nature-made treasures in this room, they are so nice to have around and look so magical when it’s sunny and the morning light pours in the east-facing side of the room.

I just love these closeup moments. This poor air plant is hanging on for dear life, though. It’s a bit more difficult to keep them alive in the winter. The room stays warm because it’s a four seasons and has vents, but it’s not as humid as the plants would probably like. I often place a warm mist humidifier in there and a space heater when it gets too dry.

Here is a broader view of the opposite corners of the room. I should have busted out my wide-angle lens, I was using a 50mm so I couldn’t capture the whole room in one shot:

A sunroom is not complete without a macrame plant hanger!

I hope you enjoyed the views! Back to work for me, now 🙂 I’m actually off to the sun room right now because it’s the perfect spot to take photos of my work with natural light on a bright overcast day.



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