Tour De Plants: Matthaei Desert Room Edition

I took a couple of my lovely studio ladies on a Super Official Worthwhile Paper Field Trip to one of my favorite paces – the Matthaei Botanical Gardens conservatory. We had a work-related mission though, and it was to take some product shots of my new Succulents & Cacti screen print, which will be out so soon (& I’ll share more about it and the “money shot” I was able to get on here soon in a follow-up post!). When we walked into the desert biome room, there were no other people, just us and lots of cacti and soo much magic light. It was just before golden hour and the most vibrant and quiet sunlight was pouring in. I couldn’t help but take some photos to capture the stoic vibe (with my new Canon 6D!):

Plants make me so happy! I love learning about them, caring for them, looking at them and having them around to breathe their oxygen. My first Tour De Plants post was on a whim as a tour around my sunroom because I got excited about a new plant friend, but I think I want to continue to post some photo-based entries on here to further spread my love of plants, so you will now see a new “Tour De Plants” category on the top menu. Yay for that!


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