The Worthwhile Paper Planner

Our planners are now available! Featuring a spacious, minimal feel with just the right touch of playfulness, the Worthwhile Paper open-dated planner is sure to bring a little bit of happiness to your desktop (I’ve been using mine for a month or so now and I love it!) This planner was a labor of love – I have been working on it since last winter! I’m happy to share that this planner was ENTIRELY made locally. From the designing, to the printing, to the binding, every aspect of this planner was made with love in Michigan.

Here are some lovely details:

* 12 monthly spreads, 52 weekly spreads (a whole year of planning).

* It’s open-dated! That means you can start whenever you’d like, skip a week, and not waste paper.

* Due to popular demand, the week starts on Monday, yay!

* Dot grid is used thought for versatility and space.

* The layout is minimal with lots of room for you to get creative with your planning.

* A cute little half-moon shaped die cut flap on the front (my inner paper nerd is freeeeaking out).

* It’s an 8.5 x 8.5″ square shape.

* The weekly view features a “weekly intention” line that isn’t required, but so nice to use to weave in a little self-care to your week-planning. Jot down a little reminder. Mine this week is “steady pace”.

* The monthly few features little circles in the corner you can use to fill in the moon phases, or use as a daily goal-tracker checkbox.

* Wanna know a secret? Each planner comes with a secret moon phase bookmark! I haven’t even told anyone that until now! You are now a VIP knowledge holder just for reading this post!


Checkout the planner here on our shop. Oh, what was that? You also want to know about that cute gold foil pencil in that top image? Well… I made some pattered pencils too! Say what?! Yes! What a fun little joy seeing a pattern I drew printed in shiny gold on a pencil! My inner 3rd grader is freeeeeaking out! Check out pencils, books, and more in our back-to-school section.

P.S. if you are local, I am now offering appointment-based shopping and pickup. This means you can come hang out in our space and shop for printed delights if you just send me a message and we set up a time when I am here. Get in touch if that sounds like fun!


Studio chronicles: The beginning!

An exciting change happened around here lately… we got our first studio space! After a short period of time moving everything over and starting to decorate, we are fully functioning in our new studio, which contains our inventory and shipping area, my office & design space, a lovely shaded area out front, and a large room in the middle for popup events and lots of creative workshops. Oh, the potential! It already feels like home to work here. We are at 306 W Cross street just west of Depot Town in Ypsilanti, Michigan (it’s across from Cross Street Coffee ish) and we LOVE it!

Prior to this shift, we had been working out of our home (or to accurately phrase it, we were taking over our home). Although we screen print out of VGKids, all of my growing inventory was taking up a lot of space, packed and stacked tetris-style in a 10 x 10 ft room in our basement, and my workspace was a guest room in our house. It was quite lovely and efficient for a while, but as I kept adding things to my line in larger quantities, the idea of looking for a space was definitely on the horizon. I loved my cozy plant-filled home studio, but our house was filling up quick with boxes and supplies and space was scarce! A separation of work and home was definitely something that sounded lovely to me (and I could always fill another space with plants, too).

Renting a studio space is a pretty big jump. I had been holding off and telling myself “the right thing will pop up at the right time”.  Not so shockingly, that exact thing happened, and in a force of nature type way. One morning after my yoga practice, I pulled in the driveway and had the immediate random inclination to put Henry in the stroller and walk from our house to Depot Town (about a 40 minute walk) with no particular plan in mind. It was such a random idea but I was SURE it was what I felt like doing. It’s not like we do that all of the time. This is one of those examples of when you have a random feeling or intuition, even if you don’t know what it’s about, roll with it.

It was a sunny early summer day, breezy and just the right balance of sun + cool air. As we were walking I passed a building I’d seen and admired before on Cross Street… but this time with a rent sign out front! I gave it a double-take and kept walking. Henry and I ate ice cream and played by the river and I couldn’t stop thinking about the space. Normally I would dismiss it and tell myself I couldn’t/shouldn’t.. but I was curious. I took a photo of the sign with the idea that I would call later, and instead of shutting my phone off, I switched form the photo app to my keypad and immediately dialed the number. I ended up scheduling a viewing!

As soon as I stepped into the building I knew it felt right. The windows were big, the room sizes were perfect. The walls were white. I could hardly contain my excitement. I was surprised to learn that a super cool couple bought the building in December (one of them who works out of the larger back warehouse space) and finding a local creative to occupy the front space and turn it into something awesome was on the top of their list of ideal tenant situations. We all agreed that the stars were aligned and it was meant to be! And just like that I signed the lease.

Initially I thought the space may be bigger than the bare minimum of what we needed at the time. There is a big room in the middle and several rooms that we didn’t *need* to use *all* of. However, I immediately envisioned the idea of how fun it would be to host popup shopping events and workshops. (!!!) Additionally, there is another windowlit office room in the front I have rented out to another lady creative, Brittany of Just Curious Co. The potential of the space to be a little bit more than our studio home had my gears turning. The opportunity to engage with the local community really sparks interest in me and I am excited to see where this goes. This whole thing just seemed like the perfect next step for us and it all feels like a new adventure (but also something so necessary for my growing little biz). I am feeling so grateful for this change in my life. There is so much more to share, but I’m going to leave that for the next post!

Save the date! We are having our studio opening party on Friday, August 4th from 6 – 10pm – there will be crafts, plants, paper and snacks. View the Facebook event here and RSVP!

Below are some first peeks at some corners of the space:



Spring Events

Hooray Spring! The weather is getting warmer and the mood is getting lighter. There are a couple of fun local events going on this May for us that I’m excited to share. See below and I hope to see you at one!

Snail Mail Social // Thistle & Bess // Ann Arbor, MI // May 11, 6-8pm

Real mail is always better than a text! Join me at Thistle & Bess on Thursday, May 11 (the Thursday before Mother’s Day) to sit together and write + send some fun snail mail! Snacks and drinks (tea, wine, goodies) from Tea Haus will be provided.
• • • • •
Each guest will receive 6 Worthwhile Paper cards of their choosing with matching envelopes. Postage stamps for each card will be provided (!!!) and at the end of the night I will walk your fun mail over to the nearest post box to send it out into the world! Additional fun supplies will be provided and guests are welcome to bring their own too for extra snail mailing. It’s going to be an evening of paper and fun!

Register for the snail mail social here!

Handmade Toledo Maker’s Mart // Toledo, OH // May 13, 10am – 8pm

So excited to be back to Handmade Toledo this year! I accidentally forgot to apply for the Holiday one last winter and almost cried when I thought I didn’t get in but then laughed when I saw that I didn’t even apply. Ahh! This will be fun because it will be a whole year since I’ve been, so lots of new stuff people there may not have seen there yet! If you haven’t been to this one, GO. It’s so amazing and fun, and the vendors are all top notch. Not one to be missed. Yay, spring!

View vendors & details here and check out their Facebook event to RSVP.


Our Spring + Summer 2017 Collection

I’m so excited to share my newest collection of designs! Our new spring + summer collection is my favorite of all so far, partially because I had an excuse to play with bright colors and draw plants all winter (a highly recommended winter therapy). The process of this collection was a little more intentional and themed than usual, and so fun to create. Read on for a little bit about it!

A COLOR LOVE STORY: The peachy pearl pink and a deep orange combination used throughout the collection is a color love story inspired by sunrises and pink skies, floral tones, and comforting warnth. To compliment, a cucumber mint with a dark leafy green is a refreshingly calm contrast. Together these inspired colors bring summer dreams into full swing. Colors are used in unexpected ways to reflect the dreamlike feelings even more.

BOTANICAL & MODERN Almost every new item is botanically inspired. A freshly sliced strawberry, green and golden succulents, lively new card designs, energetic patterns mixed in with some minimal and geometric neutral designs.

Below is a little mood shot of the inspiration behind the new collection. I can’t get enough of the blush & orange colors – they are so comforting. And, as always, these new items definitely showcase my love of plants.

Take a look at the entire collection here! I’ll be doing more posts periodically featuring new items. We have 3 new notebook designs, new flat note sets, lots of new birthday & thank you cards and some new art prints that I am really excited about!

Sneak peak: this Succulents & Cacti print:




One tree planted with each purchase

I am very enthused to share that we have become a reforestation partner with One Tree Planted. Giving back to the earth that provides, nourishes and inspires us is something I have wanted to invest my business in from the beginning and I am feeling very grateful to be finally putting a little more “worthwhile” in Worthwhile Paper.

What we’re doing: We will be donating to plant one tree for every sale we make, including wholesale orders. This will start at the end of the year when I do my final books, planting trees for every sale we made in 2016! I am SO excited to see how many trees we can plant.

Why we’re doing it: I love Earth. Earth gives us so many gifts, and I want it to be more of a balanced gift exchange. Did you know 4/10 trees get chopped down and are processed into pulp for making paper products? Since we are a paper goods business, it feels like a productive and conscious exchange to play any part I can in promoting the growth of more trees, and preservation of the beloved forests around the globe. There are plenty of reasons to invest in reforestation and among them the most meaningful to me are the fact that we are consuming trees at a rate larger than the rate of which trees can grow back, and the importance of trees in relation to our environment, climate, and habitats for a large amount of species of animals.  More facts can be found here.

Who is One Tree Planted: One Tree Planted is a 501c3 non-profit based in Shelburne, Vermont that gives you the ability to easily plant trees around the world.  They work with amazing NGOs worldwide that have collectively planted millions of trees.  With years of experience, these key partners work hand-in-hand with local communities to ensure that proper native tree species are planted in the most sustainable manner. Right now they have opportunities to plant trees in 6 different regions around the world.

After we donate, we get a certificate of how many trees we helped plant, updates with photos and reports on our trees and their survival rates and growth.

This is something that feels so good for me to do. I want to emphasize that it is important for my customers to know this is not a sales pitch. (I almost didn’t even want to make it public for this reason!) While I’d love to plant as many trees as I can, I don’t plan to use this as leverage or a “marketing strategy”. I see it as a little added bonus along with your purchase of some positive cards or a nature-inspired print, and more importantly, a good feeling that you are supporting someone who really truly cares in so many ways.

(I just want the world to keep looking like this):

Thank you so much for your support. I wouldn’t feel comfortable financially to do this without the amazing support we have gotten this past couple of years.  It means the world to me!

– Kristen



Upcoming markets & events


It’s Holiday craft fair season! One of the coziest and craziest times of years for makers. I am excited to share that we have the honor of participating at the following local events, listed in chronological order:

+ HLDYMRKT: Friday night, Nov. 25 // Hamtramck // 6-10pm

+ Detroit Urban Craft Fair: Dec. 2-4 // Detroit // see hours and more info on their website.

+ DIYpsi: Dec. 10-11 // Ypsilanti // see hours and more info on their website.

+ Thistle & Bess Holiday Happy Hour: Two James + Worthwhile Paper. I will be there with pre-made and make-your-own hand stamped gift wrap and gift tag stickers joining our friends Andy and Maura for  a sampling of spirits from Detroit-based distillery, Two James.


Good changes to come


Is it just me or does autumn bring feelings of new beginnings? I just love the crisp fresh feeling of fall after a humid summer, and the foliage is to die for in Michigan. Leaves aren’t the only thing getting prettier around here though – our little blog is also gearing up for some fun changes!

I have had the ultimate pleasure of hiring some helping hands around the studio (more on my team soon!) and one of the things I want to accomplish is a more active blog that really serves its purpose to not only bring some hopeful traffic to my shop (obviously) but to also be a creative outlet and a space to inspire others with ideas (and free fun things). I am excited to have this space for creative sharing, but also to offer readers the following new (and awesome) things. Stay tuned for:

+ More free downloads and printables. yay!

+ DIY projects that relate to not only my brand but the things I/we are super into over here. Crafts? Plants? Paper? Decor? Happiness? All of the above. I promise these will be great and not pinterest-fail recipes.

+ Handmade Gift Guides – exploring local artists and independent artists on platforms like Etsy, (including one product of ours as the theme inspiration!) this will be very fun.

+ Creative styled shoots showcasing our work, possibly in collaboration with other makers if I can get that to happen somehow.

+ Random hand lettering for fun. woo!

+ MOTHERHOOD. work/life balance. thoughts. experiences. unsolicited tips(?). haha.

+ As always, shop news and 35mm film adventures.

You will now see a ‘categories’ tab at the top of the blog, allowing you to filter through different types of posts, too. Check in on instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new posts!



Positive Reminders


These are things I think everyone needs to way hear more of. It is amazing to realize how big of an impact a small mantra or positive affirmation can have. Some sentiments need to be heard more often (or in this case, in an everlasting form of a card!). I was inspired to make these cards with epic amounts of love put into them and their designs as an effort to promote positivity, encouragement and extra meaningful connections with others (or even ourselves).

For a lot of us, card-giving is reserved for Birthdays and Holidays, but my goal is to put more things in the world that are intended for something more unexpected. An act of kindness toward another can be an encouraging card in the mail they didn’t expect. An act of kindness toward ourselves can be a mantra hanging on our wall to remind us something we want to be continually reminded of.

My goal has always been to make cards that people want to keep, not throw away. My hope with this little collection is that these designs have a dual purpose, and can be experienced as meaningful enough to keep around after they are sent + received.

These are on our shop now in our “new” section available individually for $5 or as a bundle for $15.


2017 Lunar Calendar Presale

LC_IG_gray copy

Our 2017 Lunar Calendars are ready to print, and this year we wanted to do something a little special. For the remainder of August, you can pre order the 2017 calendar poster with your choice of three paper color options (black, gray or kraft) and enjoy free U.S. shipping! Calendars will ship the second week of October. Click here to order.


The inspiration for the arc layout of the moon calendars are from the way the moon’s path arcs in the sky, and how time lapse lunar eclipse photographs of the moon look. I am so fascinated by the cycle of the moon and the role that the moon and cycles (both together and separately) play in our lives. It is both a fun and curious activity to observe the moon’s phases and how they might correspond with our own personal cycle as well.

These Calendars make perfect gifts for the holidays and new year! We have one hanging in our bedroom and I plan on replacing it every year in the frame.



Madewell Popup!

Photo Aug 04, 3 32 59 PM

I had some fun today making hand stamped samples for my popup mini workshop at Madewell in a couple of weeks!

<<<<<<<<<<< The deets >>>>>>>>>>>>

Madewell @ Somerset Mall | Troy, MI | Thursday, August 18, 2016 | 6-8pm

During the event you will be able to shop our pop-up and enjoy sips & snacks. You can receive a 20% discount with every Madewell purchase of $125+ (and students with a valid school ID will be eligible for a 20% discount no matter what the purchase amount!)

AND last but not least, with each Madewell purchase, customers will have the opportunity to create their own pocket notebook with our DIY make-your-own pocket journal mini workshop. Oooh fun! We will have all of our decorative rubber stamps and also some basic black markers to make your very own pocket journal with recycled kraft and gray kraft cover options. This will be the debut of four new stamp designs, too! Our circular palm leaf, peace sign, big squiggle and winky eye will be joining our family of simple + cute hand-drawn rubber stamps and will be online soon as well.

Hope to see you there! Bring a friend or 2!