Tour De Plants: Matthaei Desert Room Edition

I took a couple of my lovely studio ladies on a Super Official Worthwhile Paper Field Trip to one of my favorite paces – the Matthaei Botanical Gardens conservatory. We had a work-related mission though, and it was to take some product shots of my new Succulents & Cacti screen print, which will be out so soon (& I’ll share more about it and the “money shot” I was able to get on here soon in a follow-up post!). When we walked into the desert biome room, there were no other people, just us and lots of cacti and soo much magic light. It was just before golden hour and the most vibrant and quiet sunlight was pouring in. I couldn’t help but take some photos to capture the stoic vibe (with my new Canon 6D!):

Plants make me so happy! I love learning about them, caring for them, looking at them and having them around to breathe their oxygen. My first Tour De Plants post was on a whim as a tour around my sunroom because I got excited about a new plant friend, but I think I want to continue to post some photo-based entries on here to further spread my love of plants, so you will now see a new “Tour De Plants” category on the top menu. Yay for that!



Tour De Plants: Sunroom Edition

“That’s a big plant, Mama!” I got a new plant yesterday, a split-leaf-philodendron (pictured in the forefront above). I wonder what my 2.5 year old son thinks as I stick yet another huge plant in my cart because: $15 at IKEA, giant lush leaves, dead of winter. My husband knows that if I say I’m going to IKEA, he can expect a new plant friend or two in the house, no question. How do you pass up the plant section there!? You don’t.

Anyway, I have always wanted a split leaf philodendron like this but could never find one. They are so interesting and tropical. I wanted to take a pretty picture of it and it turned into a full on sunroom photoshoot! What better do to with a bunch of photos of plants than a gallery post as a tour around my favorite room in the house. This room is honestly one of a few reasons we bought this house. It’s an addition on a previous owner put on the back of our ranch home, lined with windows, I couldn’t ask for more. Without further ado, Tour De Plants: Sunroom Edition!

We have a shelf with lots of crystals and nature-made treasures in this room, they are so nice to have around and look so magical when it’s sunny and the morning light pours in the east-facing side of the room.

I just love these closeup moments. This poor air plant is hanging on for dear life, though. It’s a bit more difficult to keep them alive in the winter. The room stays warm because it’s a four seasons and has vents, but it’s not as humid as the plants would probably like. I often place a warm mist humidifier in there and a space heater when it gets too dry.

Here is a broader view of the opposite corners of the room. I should have busted out my wide-angle lens, I was using a 50mm so I couldn’t capture the whole room in one shot:

A sunroom is not complete without a macrame plant hanger!

I hope you enjoyed the views! Back to work for me, now 🙂 I’m actually off to the sun room right now because it’s the perfect spot to take photos of my work with natural light on a bright overcast day.