35mm: From Fall to Spring

I got two rolls of film back from The Darkroom the other day and was so pleased with how they came out! One roll is primarily fall, and one was taken all through the start of Spring. Lots of magical foliage, and some cute Henry shots as well. Shot on my Pentax k1000 with Fuji Color film at 400 ISO. Below are some highlights from the Fall roll:

OMG! That little orange vest! With all of the leaves and the pumpkin! It was KILLING me! Ahh! It better fit him next fall…

If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE going to the conservatory, especially when it gets cold out. I’m always equipped with my camera, I think those few above were from winter. These film shots are so so nice compared to the phone camera pictures I usually take mass quantities of.. Also, up next, I can’t even contain my emotions about the squished face cuteness in the photo below. It’s OK, Henry.

Highlights from the Spring roll:

Lots of nature-magic happening above with some first blooms of spring. So refreshing. Some play-magic happening below – we made a little “Dinosaur Village” instead of a fairy garden, for the dinosaurs to play, keep lookout, eat moss out of acorn tops, and sleep in their stick tee pee on beds made out of pieces of bark, waiting for a baby dinosaur to hatch out of a walnut (I mean, dinosaur egg, obviously).

Henry begs me to go outside. He loves it, and I’m so happy about that. I’m also happy about this adorable mini Kanken backpack! He crams it full of “friends” (stuffed animals and action figures) and pretend food. I love that these last long, so he can use it for fun and for school until he grows out of it. This photo makes me smile.

Newest tat! My brother and I got matching herb tattoos (sage + lavender) before he left to go to Chicago and he came to visit and we snapped a picture of them all healed up! The last three tattoos I’ve gotten (the only ones since having Henry) have been meaningful and tied to another person.



35mm film: El Yunque Rain Forest


This is the first of a few posts I’m going to make with some of my favorite film photos from our vacation to Puerto Rico. I took 5 rolls of film! I’m going to break it down into themes. This one is all about the El Yunque Rain Forest. Get ready for lots of green! I’m including some of my favorites, shot with my Pentax k1000 and 35mm Fuji Color film.

My absolute favorite part of our hiking trip in the rainforest were the endless waterfalls and pools flowing down the mountain. The waterfall in the photos below is the La Mina falls – and it was so refreshing to swim in! Yep, you can just jump right in. Very rewarding after almost a mile of hiking. I didn’t want to leave! It was so much happiness I couldn’t handle it. We got there super early so there were no people yet and we jumped in moments after I snapped these photos and basked in cool water and unfathomable joy.




As always, I loved scoping out the local leaf specimens.





The trails were so awesome on this hike, sometimes with narrow paved areas and windy stairways.



Observing close ups and interesting things, like the roots on some of the trees that I kept calling “carrot roots” because they totally looked like carrots. Also look at all of that mossy goodness! There was so much moss and it all smelled so good.



By the way, Henry loved the rainforest too! I hiked a couple of miles or so with him in on my back in our beco toddler carrier (taking breaks for swimming and lunch) and he fell asleep some of the way back too. (Steve took the photos below).



We even met a few forest kitties and this one let me snap a photo!


Thats it for now! I think my next film post will be very beachy. Before that though, I’ll be posting our first gift guide and DIY project soon! XO


Mystery Film


Here’s a thing that’s worthwhile: shooting film! I love it when so much time has passed and I forget what was on the roll of film. It’s so exciting! This roll was laying around for almost 2 years before I found it and sent it in.


It was a true black & white roll of expired film I took to Mackinac City on our way to Pictured Rocks when we got engaged – how exciting! Henry was only 3ish months old, and it was his first trip and first hike! I still remember the little handmade felt green hat he was wearing – I think we lost it on this trip.





When Steve and I looked through these last night we couldn’t believe Henry’s little face. How his eyes are the same but his face is so much different now. I remember once we were in Munising he made his first smile. I really love taking him outdoors. He has no idea about how much adventure we have planned ahead for him.



One by one, local photo shops have closed around us, and even recently the drug stores stopped doing in-house film processing. I knew you could send your film out, but I didn’t know where. I finally found a place called The Darkroom and sent in these two black & white rolls along with the 4 disposable cameras that we had at our wedding reception! (Don’t worry, those will end up on Facebook sometime soon I believe).

I’m already almost through a color roll that I can’t wait to send in.